What are Major Bitdefender Issues and their rectification method?

Posted on : 04 August, 2018

No matter how amazing the inbuilt security your computer has, it still needs an antivirus solution to remain secured. Bitdefender is regarded as the amazing security suites available. With exceptional features, it keeps all the harmful infections away from your system premises. It is possible that it starts generating technical problems as it has to deal with a last number of applications. But if such problems are there, there are also ways to resolve them right after that. Get help of the professionals at Bitdefender Help Number UK for preferred help.

There is a list of technical issues that can be imposed on you if you have installed Bitdefender into your system. Some of the issues are mentioned below with their resolutions:

• When your system won’t Boot: In the case, when you install Bitdefender in your system, it is possible that you can’t able to boot the system. It is due to two reasons that arrive due to incomplete removal of the previously installed security software. In order to resolve the problem, you need to restart your computer in Safe Mode, and then browse to the official website of Bitdefender and download the uninstall tool. After uninstalling it using the tool, reinstall the product.

• When the Product is not Scanning Properly: This is important that your antivirus software can scan your computer and when it stops scanning, there are many causes behind it. Most of time, it is caused due to the faulty installation or the remains of a prior one. There are also chances that some conflict with another security tool on your system might impose this. In this case, you need to disable the other security tool, and try scanning again. You can also take help of the technical professionals at Bitdefender Phone Number UK for resolving the situation. You can consult them at any point of time.

• Issues while activating Bitdefender Firewall: You know that Bitdefender includes a perfect firewall. It gives the best browsing experience which you long for. But there are chances that you are not able to activate it. There can be any cause that makes appear this kind of situation. You can connect to the professionals for activating it wisely.

• Can’t save files due to the antivirus: This is possible that your downloaded files can’t be saved as Bitdefender is not allowing them to. You need to find an Application access blocked item. Thereafter, click to View application, and find the app in the list. When it is shown Blocked, click the slider to Allowed, and close the Bitdefender window thereafter.