What can be done when AVG Crashes Your Computer?

Posted on : 30 July, 2018

Antivirus solutions are the basic requirements for prohibiting the entry of various infections that can affect your system data. Right from detecting them to their removal, antivirus security keeps our system secure. AVG security is one such powerful attempt in order to keep the threats away from your system’s files and folders. In addition to this, AVG stepped to provide you a protective covering from the various malware that can make your system risky for upcoming files.

But, sometimes your antivirus product results in crashing your computer program. But there is an absolute way to recover from such issue. You can use an AVG rescue CD or flash drive to deal with an AVG crash. In case, you are confronted by some other error, connect the technical support team at AVG Customer Care Number UK for full and final support. In this blog, the right procedure for recover the system crash done by AVG is given. Follow it step by step:

• You have to make an AVG rescue CD if your computer is working nicely.
• Now, you need to use the newly created AVG rescue CD to reboot the crashed computing device.
• When the AVG rescue CD has launched, you need to open Utilities and then the File Manager.
• If you use AVG Rescue CD File Manager, just proceed to the affected hard drive thereafter.
• And then, go to the AVG folder, which is usually under the program section.
• After that, you must rename the AVG folder.
• Now, Close File Manager and remove the AVG rescue CD and reboot the computer normally.
• As the next step, you need to reinstall AVG and update the definitions to a version that does not cause system crashes.

The above steps will resolve your problems in a short while. Although AVG crashes occur on Windows computers, but there are chances that the Mac version of the software can crash. The usual cause of it is the upgraded version of the software. If you want to resolve the problem, you must take help of the tech supporters at AVG Customer Helpdesk UK. The experts are trained enough and tackle the confronted solution in a way better than anything else. Experts are cooperative and soft spoken while you talk to them over the call. You can connect to them anytime you want as they remain active all round the clock.