What Is The Right Way To Start Scan Task In Kaspersky?

Posted on : 03 August, 2018

Today, the large number of threats has distressed our computing life making it corrupt and risky at the same time. They hit up where you start surfing different websites or via already infected computers. Commencement of antivirus solutions has given relief from such harmful infections. They help in outgrowth of such increasing number of threats online. Nowadays, there is a plethora of antivirus security available. Out of which, Kaspersky security has jumped off the entire universe with multiple features and amazing functionality. It has created a new protective layer around our computers so that no threat can push off its performance. If you want to know more, connect 0808-169-3103 Kaspersky Support Number UK for full support.

Clearing the path, it scans all the unwanted threat and removes it from your computing device. As we know, an antivirus is selected for its scanning capability. Some antivirus solution don’t scan all the infections right away, they will take much time. But Kaspersky security is the right approach if your system contains any infectious agent like virus, malware etc. The Kaspersky Lab specialists provide the basic means that start the virus scan tasks. It commences Full Scan that means thorough scanning of your computer, Quick Scan that is about scanning of operating system and Custom Scan is all about scanning a particular object in the system.

There are chances that you won’t be able to start a scan. If this happens, follow the procedure as suggested:

• Open the antivirus product: Launch your Kaspersky product and initiate the process.

• Initiate the scanning process: And then, click to scan which you might find in the application window.

• Choose the suited scan task: Now, you need to select a scan task that is Full Scan, Quick Scan or Custom Scan in the right part of the Scan window.

• Run the scanning process: Thereafter, you need to click on Run scan where you can see the long list of previous scan tasks in the lower part of the window. When you see a scan task not completed yet, go and click on Resume scan.

Don’t forget to close all the windows while initiating the scan process. If you want to view the scan results and don’t know the best procedure, you need to take assistance from the tech professionals at 0808-169-3103 Kaspersky Phone Number UK. The technicians are way helpful in giving out best workaround for the problem you are confronted to.